Ballroom Dancing

    The Dancing Classrooms program was launched in 1994 by world renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine as a not-for-profit project of the American Ballroom Theater Company.  The Dancing Classrooms program is an arts-in-education program teaching ballroom dance to the upper elementary and middle school students of participating schools.  At PS 131, all of our 5th grade students participated in the Ballroom Dancing program. They met twice a week with their dance teaching artists and were taught several ballroom dances including: the tango, rumba, merengue,  foxtrot, jive (swing),  waltz, and some line dances. 

     This program not only teaches our students social dances but also creates a learning atmosphere that inspires even reserved and shy students to step out and shine. Ballroom dancing focuses children's physical energies and increases health through the joy of movement. The program fosters respect, team work, confidence, politeness, and a sense of joy and accomplishment. A Ballroom Classroom residency builds community among its participants and within the school community as a whole. 


Ballroom Dance Competition

     Twelve of our  5th grade students participated in a Ballroom Dance Competition. The competition took place at PS 144 in Queens on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. A total of six schools participated in the dance competition. Our school's team, selected by the teaching artists, were dressed in green costumes and were known as the Green Team.  Each couple danced their specialty dance in the first round, followed by one of the other four remaining dances, all of which they  prepared for.  Our Green Team won Silver Status and were very happy with the results.  Below are the six couples that represented PS 131, dancing their specialty dance. There will be a Grade 5 Ballroom Dance Performance in the school auditorium on Friday, December 13, 2019 at 8:30 am.