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"Computer Science for All (CS4All) will ensure all NYC public school students learn computer science...Through our work, students will be better prepared to utilize computer science during their K-12 experience and after graduation.  

Through CS4All, NYC students will learn to think with the computer, instead of using computers to simply convey their thinking. Students will learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. They will also learn to collaborate and build relationships with peers, communicate and create with technologies, and to better understand technologies we interact with daily.

These skills will be integral to student success in higher education, the 21st-century job market, and beyond."


A Message From the CS4ALL Teacher: Ms. Melissa Hannon

CS4All at PS 131 gives us all a chance to think like a programmer. Students do a lot of hands-on and un-plugged critical thinking exercises to learn how to solve problems; just like a programmer would teach a computer how to do. Not only will students learn the basics of computer language and coding strategies, but they will also integrate these ideas into every-day events. 

 Did you know that you could write an algorithm for your morning routine? Or program your pet to do tricks? What are the commands in math that help us find the sum or difference? 

 As we acquire computer science vocabulary and programmer language, we will be able to access computer science across all platforms. You might find it in your math, reading, or writing work. Find an algorithm in art and music. You'll see it in the computer lab or CS4all room. Computer science is everywhere! 

 Get ready to code your world! 


Our Young Student Programmers At Work