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From drop offs to pickups, to clubs, to school activities, our community never stops growing!
The energy is as stimulating as it is rewarding, and it only happens with your support! 



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PS 131’s 1st Annual Fall Festival!

      PS 131’s 1st Annual 🍂Fall Festival was a SUCCESS! Thank you to all of the parent volunteers, student volunteers as well as staff who helped setup and run the fall festival.  Thank you to all the teachers, staff, students and parents for making our last minute change from an outside march to an indoor one run so smoothly. A   round of applause to PS 131’s Drumming Band for making it all the more exciting!  You guys did not skip a beat! 🥁  We’d also like to thank those who cheered us on as we passed them in the hallway, as well as those who stopped in to see our progress. Your verbal support, emotional support, informational support, and praise were just as important as the instrument support we received. 
      We strive for 100% participation because we know how important it is for the schools' success that we work together on its behalf. We all worked hard to make sure important information was shared.  Our goals were set and met. 
Please continue to check our website for calendar updates, minutes from PTA meetings, and future events!