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Welcome! Kindergarten at PS 131 is a fun, loving, and structured environment for all students. Kindergarteners will be exploring, learning letters and their sounds, how to write their names and their friends names, all about numbers, mastering school routines, and so much more! This year will set students up for many years of success in school.  Let's all work together to make this an amazing and memorable year!


Kindergarten Teachers:

K-1 (ICT): Mrs. Hamad and Mrs. Peskin

K-2 (ICT): Ms. Cougan and Ms. Burgos 

K-3 (ENL): Ms. Fusaro

K-4: (Chinese Bilingual): Ms. Ho

K-5: Ms. Woo

K/1-8: Mrs. La Salle



Current Event: Fall Festival

Kindergarten Calendar

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  • Website for writing, reading, phonics and more!

    This is an excellent website to use to help your child with reading, writing, phonics and math at home!  Just click on "Grade K" to see what this great resource has to offer! 


  • Kindergarten learned how to make ice cream at Egger's Ice Cream Parlor in Staten Island!

  • Math Parent Workshop

    See the attached flyer for our Math Parent Workshop coming up!  We hope you can make it!

  • We are going to learn about Ice Cream!!!


    Check out the Kindergarten Calendar to remind you of when your child's class is going to Egger's Ice Cream Parlor in Staten Island.  It's going to be so much fun to learn how to make ice cream and how to make an ice cream Sunday!  Pictures to come!

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Reading Units of Study

 Students reading books 

  • Unit 1: We are Readers
  • Unit 2: Emergent Readers - Looking Closely at Familiar Texts 
  • Unit 3: Super Powers - Reading with Print Strategies and Sight Word Power
  • Unit 4: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles
  • Unit 5: Becoming Avid Readers
  • Unit 6: Growing Expertise in Little Books - Reading for Information
  • Unit 7: Giving the Gift of Reading



Writing Units of Study


  • Unit 1:  We are Writers
  • Unit 2: Show and Tell
  • Unit 3: Writing for Readers
  • Unit 4: How-To-Books: Writing To Teach Others
  • Unit 5: Persuasive Writing of All Kinds
  • Unit 6: All About Books
  • Unit 7: Crafting Stories: Using All We Know About Narrative Writing

Phonics Units of Study

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  • Unit 1: Making Friends with Letters
  • Unit 2: Word Scientists
  • Unit 3: Word-Part Power
  • Unit 4: Vowel Power
  • Unit 5: Playing with Phonics

Math Units of Study

I love math clipart 

  • Module 1: Numbers to 10
  • Module 2: Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes
  • Module 6:  Analyzing, Comparing and Composing Shapes
  • Module 3: Comparison of length, Weight, Capacity, and Numbers to 10
  • Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition and Subtraction to 10
  • Module 5: Numbers 10-20; Count to 100 by Ones and Tens

Science Units of Study

 Science projects gif 

  • Unit 1: Solids and Liquids
  • Unit 2: Push Me, Pull Me
  • Unit 3: Our Environment
  • Unit 4: Our Weather

Social Studies Units of Study

 Social Studies gif 

  • Unit 1: School and School Community
  • Unit 2: Self and Others
  • Unit 3: Geography, People, and the Environment
  • Unit 4: Families, Change, and Time