1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade!

We are thrilled to guide your child into exploration,
learning, and growing this school year. 

Meet Your First Grade Teachers:

   First Grade Teachers 

(from left to right)

Ms. Liang, Ms. Guarino, Ms. Chan, Ms. Altaheri

Class 1-1

Ms. Guarino and Ms. Chan

Class 1-3

Ms. Altaheri

Class 1-4

Ms. Liang


Our First Grade Mantra

Embrace the challenges you face and the mistakes you make.

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Phonics Units of Study

Unit 1: Short Vowel Sounds

Unit 2: Long Vowels, Silent E, Digraph TH

Unit 3: Long Vowel U, Blends, Plurals

Unit 4: Digraphs, Ending ING, Contractions

Unit 5: Dipthongs, Inflectional Endings, Compound Words, R-Controlled Vowels

Unit 6:  R-Controlled Vowels, Variant Vowels, Prefixes

Reading Units of Study

Unit 1: My Family and Me

Unit 2: Stories with a Moral

Unit 3: Strong and Healthy

Unit 4: What I Can Do

Unit 5: It Happened to Me

Unit 6: Animal Stories

Writing Units of Study

Unit 1:  Patterns in Print; Using Patterns in Writing

Unit 2: : In My Imagination; Writing Fantasy Stories

Unit 3:  Informational Journeys; Using Text Features

Unit 4 : I Think This Because...Writing Opinions

Unit 5: Building Characters; Writing Character Stories

Unit 6: Words That Sing; Writing Poetry


Mission 1: Add and Subtract Small Numbers

Mission 2: Meet Place Value

Mission 3: Measure Length

Mission 4: Add and Subtract Bigger Numbers

Mission 5: Work with Shapes

Mission 6: Add and Subtract to 100

First Grade Supply List

Grade 1 Promotional Policy

Important Links

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