Maker Space

Maker Space 2022-2023

Maker Space projects support hands-on exploration and learning.  They are interdisciplinary, promoting important educational principles such as inquiry, play, imagination, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and passion-based learning.

These areas are designed to engage participants in hands-on activities that teach twenty-first-century skills. The emphasis in Maker Space is placed upon educating students in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) subjects as well as digital and information literacy. 

Maker Space supports these 21st Century skills:

Critical thinking and reasoning.

Communication and collaboration.

Problem solving and innovation.

Self-direction and resourcefulness

Special Note: Students participate in the Maker Space program on a voluntary basis. These projects are completed at home and lend themselves to families working together to create something amazing!   To learn more, contact the facilitator of the program, Ms. Carolyn Harvey..


Student Sketches

All students in grades 3-5 will have a chance to create a Maker Space project if they would like to. All participation in creating a Maker Space project is voluntary, students do not have to create a project.  All Maker Space projects are created at home with family support. See below for the steps students follow to choose a project.

Step 1. Students get to choose 1 project that they think they want to build.

Step 2. Students meet with Ms. Harvey to discuss how to sketch their project, any questions they might have about their project, and get their project due date.

Step 3. Students must sketch their projects and return the sketch to Ms. Harvey.

Step 4. Once sketches are complete, students can shop for limited materials with Ms. Harvey, that they can use to build their project

** All project materials can be substituted.

Step 5. Students will have exactly 2 weeks to complete their project and then they must bring it in to school. (All students will receive a specific due date to return their projects)

Step 6. Students go home to build their projects with family support. (All projects are completed at home)

Step 7. Projects can be turned in early before the due date, on the due date or 1 day after the due date but no later.

Thank you for accepting the Maker Space Challenge- Happy Building!!!!



Makers At Work/Completed Projects

The Maker Movement

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