PS 131’s Sensory Room and Hallway

     PS 131's new Sensory Room and Hallway are dedicated to helping kids develop their gross and fine motor skills, and aid in their ability to focus and stay calm. They have  been designed to support all students, including those with vision difficulties, language difficulties, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, and any student who needs a safe, quiet room to calm their body. 

     The sensory room was designed by our occupational therapist and physical therapist, and contains a circuit on the floor with a variety of activities, including a yoga area, swing, mini-trampoline, tunnel, bean bag, and tracing letters. The room also has a mood meter and timer to help develop emotional awareness/mindfulness.

      The new sensory hallway is located on the second floor, near the sensory room. It is accessible to all students. The colorful activity designs on the floor and wall are designed to engage students. They follow various prompts - alphabetical, numerical and directional sequences.  These activities are designed to help with gross motor skill development, as well as strengthen the ability to focus through movement. Most of all, the area is fun and exciting to use!

Sensory Room

Sensory Hallway

A Message from Ms. Tammie McGloin - PS 131's Occupational Therapist

     Welcome to the OT Sensory Room. This room was developed to provide students with a holistic sensory experience. This can include gross motor and fine motor activities to give the students sensory input through movement and touch. The Sensory Room also has equipment to provide proprioceptive and vestibular input that results in both calming and energizing feelings for the students. All of the activities can result in improved concentration, self-regulation and whole body strength and coordination.